Best Photoshoot Destinations in Dubai.

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Burj Khalifa

The world’s tallest structure, the Burj Khalifa, is one of the most important landmarks in the Downtown area and must not be skipped. The Burj Khalifa contains numerous cafes, a bar, a restaurant, and a few residents.

The observation deck is located on the 125th floor, making it one of the world’s tallest observation decks! You can purchase a ticket to the top observation deck and enjoy the sights from there. To really appreciate the amazing vistas, take tea at the ultra-luxurious Atmosphere Cafe. The Burj Club, which is located in the tower, has a cutting-edge gym, spa, Olympic-sized pool, and restaurant.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Miracle Garden is among the world’s most stunning and expansive natural flower gardens. The garden, which is located in Dubailand and spans over 72,000 square metres, is the world’s biggest flower garden, with over 45 million blooms and plants.

The location is a haven for city dwellers seeking natural beauty. From mid-November to mid-May the garden is open to the public. Since it initially launched nearly nine years ago — on Valentine’s Day, no less – it’s blossomed into one of the region’s most gorgeous, sweet-scented places and one of the instagrammable photography spots in Dubai.

Dubai Main Beach

Make your way down to The Beach opposite JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residences) for a taste of an exquisite beachfront lifestyle – a laidback district with restaurants, hotels, lounges, and a variety of family-friendly activities.

With a classic Arabian flair, the lively cosmopolitan neighbourhood is like a sunny beach hotel that anybody may reach. Visitors may enjoy the beach, dine at a variety of restaurants, and marvel at the collection of supercars on display, all of which are readily available from anywhere in Dubai. It is indeed a great photography spot in Dubai.


Old Dubai

Visit the history zone on the shores of the Dubai Creek for a glimpse into Dubai’s past. The Creek’s historical presence is still felt today as fisherman and traders criss-cross the calm waters in their traditional boats, formerly the doorway to the Gulf’s most successful pearl diving port.

Some of the city’s finest artistic gems can be found in this area. If you look around, you’ll find the XVA Art Gallery, which exhibits contemporary Arabian art, and the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, which educates tourists about Emirati traditions.

Location:  63 Al Faheide

Dubai Desert

The surface of an unspoiled dune is really lovely, and the enormous dunes are especially enticing for wide views. It’s frequently windy out here, which, when combined with the ideal lighting, gives the photographs a lot of energy.

Family pictures are especially lovely since the kids can run about and there are a lot of action shots.” The Dubai Desert’s Instagrammable sand dunes provide several photo shoots. Booking a camel tour for your photoshoot is one of our finest recommendations for a spectacular desert shot. The Dubai Desert is one the best photography spots in Dubai.

Location: 50kms from Dubai Marina

Dubai Citywalk

Take a walk through City Walk, one of Dubai’s most vibrant urban areas. Chic stores, al fresco restaurants, brilliantly designed outdoor areas, and even a swanky boutique hotel, La Ville Hotel and Suites, are all on the agenda.

There are several open spaces, sculptures, street art, patterned walls, and vibrant facades to photograph. It’s designed to resemble a European town centre and is quite popular among locals. With prominent skyscrapers in the background, it’s a perfect site for a fun and colourful photo which makes it among one of the best photography spots in Dubai.

Location: Al Safa St – Al Wasl – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Jumeirah Beach Walk

The Walk at Jumeirah Beach is a famous shopping, dining, and strolling boulevard by the sea. With an assortment of fashion, home, and handicrafts stores and boutiques, the bustling oceanfront avenue can satisfy your retail needs.

Another feature is the range of outdoor pop-up marketplaces where you may browse stalls selling jewellery, food, and household goods while watching street entertainers perform.

Location: Jumeirah Beach Residence

Al Fahidi Historical District

On this Al Fahidi Al Bastakiya Historical District tour, spend 1.5 hours afterward as an experienced guide through one of Dubai’s oldest areas. You’ll visit the Ruler’s Court Mosque, sip Arabic coffee, relax inside a genuine 19th-century wind-tower house, and experience the culture and customs of this fascinating region.

Before exploring the neighbourhood with your knowledgeable guide, be welcomed with a warm cup of Arabic coffee served with dates. Learn about the history and architecture of the Dubai Creek region while seeing some of the last remaining windtower houses in the city.

Location: Bur Dubai – Al Hamriya – Dubai

Al Seef

Al Seef is the iconic tourist lifestyle destination, with spectacular views of Dubai’s ancient creek, traditional dhows, and old-world grandeur coupled with modern amenities. The Creek’s renowned presence can still be felt here today, with fisherman and traders criss-crossing the tranquil waters in their elegant dhows as part of their daily routine.

The best way to get a sense of it all is to join a cultural walking tour of the pedestrian-friendly Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, followed by a stroll through Al Seef’s lovely pathways, fully operating marina, dining boulevard, and entertainment plaza. It is one of the best photography spots in Dubai.

Location: Near Al Fahidi Fort

Tolerance Bridge

This bridge depicts the knitting of Dubai’s unique social fabric throughout the region, serving as a gateway connecting Dubai’s rich heritage to its bright future. The bridge connects opposing banks and villages along the canal, transporting tourists across a path that tells us of Dubai’s intertwined cultural ties to the rest of the world.

The path’s curvature is supported by wires that are connected to one edge as it navigates two landing places. The pedestrian path softly floats above the river, organically curling inward on either side to the boardwalks below, creating a sense of weightlessness.

Location: Al Safa – Dubai

Kite Beach dubai

One of Dubai’s most famous beaches, Kite Beach is excellent for sunbathers, foodies, and sports fans alike. Kite Beach offers plenty of challenges if you’re passionate about your watersports and would like to put your talents to the test on one of Dubai’s top free beaches.

Along the sand, just outside the Jumeirah neighbourhood, you’ll find high-quality equipment for hire. Kite Beach is known for its kitesurfing, but even if you’re not interested in sports, the beach’s immaculate white sand and stunning views of the Burj Al Arab make it a tourist attraction.

Location: Near Burj Al Arab


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